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The following listing is for full funeral services and products (coffins, caskets, urns, burial/cremation, rituals/ceremonies etc.)

If you live in a different area and/or wish to have a Pagan celebrant conduct a ceremony at a funeral arranged elsewhere please also check our lists of Celebrants. Please note that some celebrants are prepared to travel out of their area, including interstate, so checking the listings for other states may be beneficial.


Thornbury, Melbourne
The Last Hurrah Funerals offers reasonably priced funerals and uniquely personal farewells and end of life rituals that reflect each individual’s authentic self. Our co-founder Kimba walks a deeply spiritual path of heart, a student of the dreaming wheel (an Australian spiritual tradition with shamanic roots) and with long-standing practices based in Wicca, Ancestor veneration, and other earth-based rituals. We are able to support practitioners from a person’s tradition to create or perform their own funeral rites, and we specialise in creating and performing funeral ceremonies in many earth-based traditions. We also support natural burial, home funerals, DIY funerals, shrouded cremation, eco-funerals, alkaline hydrolysis, and more.
Contact: Kimba Griffith
Phone: 0430 378 388
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