If you would like to include your Australian Pagan organization, coven/group or regular meet-up, your Australian Pagan or Pagan-friendly business or service on the NPD, please provide as much of the following information as necessary in an email to:

Postcode: (entries in the NPD are ordered according to their postcode – this includes online businesses)
Name:  (the name of the organization, group or meet up)
Description:  (a description of your group or business. Celebrants please include the types of services you perform.)
Contact:  (name of person to contact – first name only if preferred)
Facebook Page:
Facebook Group:
Etsy Shop:
eBay Store:
(plus any other store/shop/page/link you have eg. Redbubble, CafePress etc)

(Please copy/paste the above list into your email then add your info.)