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More business categories will be created as the need arises. For example, if you wish to advertise an Accounting/Taxation Business, Real Estate, Automotive, Gardening or absolutely anything else, we’ll start a new category to suit your business. 🙂

Other Online Business Directories

The Pagan Awareness Network keeps a listing of businesses that have chosen to support PAN Inc in its mission by offering our members at least 5% discount (more if otherwise stated) off their goods and services and where possible display pamphlets promoting the association. Please support the merchants who support PAN Inc by frequenting their establishments and buying their products.
Website: PAN-Friendly Businesses


Please note that businesses, products and services listed in the National Pagan Directory are not endorsed by Spheres Of Light. Spheres Of Light reserves the right to decline or remove any business, group or individual from the directory without cause and without notice.